Turmeric: A Hope for Stroke Patients

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The spice that flavors curries may have double benefits for stroke patients. Leslie Ritter, PhD, RN, FAAN, a professor in the UA Colleges of Nursing and Medicine, explains ischemic stroke and why turmeric may be protective.

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@erwinrogers9470 says:

What if, someone is, brain dead?

@erwinrogers9470 says:

Great information๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘

@norielcastro8734 says:

What time better to drink turmeric it is mornin or evening.? Plss kindly answer I'm stroke patient.

@nilolimosnero8353 says:

i am also using turmeric powder,
for my osteoarthritis,
now i'm heal,
but i'm continue drinking everyday,
from year 2018.

@mosesscotts7196 says:

Dr Omole on Youtube is a powerful herbal doctor that cures herpes from me with his herbal product

@explorsmarteducation says:

My dad has a mild stroke,

@chuckcompton2092 says:

Will turmeric help me get function back in my left arm

@franciscoballesteros2059 says:

Please drink and take 1 tsp. of moringa powder for 1 week then 2 tsp. after 2nd weeks for absorption of nutrients in your body and cleaned the arteries together with morning or noontime sunshine for at least 30 minutes of vitamin d3 and that is the only effective proven natural solution for stroke patient and can cure 300 kinds of illness including cancer and it was already a scientific study since ancient times. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST PLEASE HEAL US.

@strokesurvivor2367 says:

โค thank you

@CroisMoi says:

Turmeric thins the blood. Serrapeptase is an enzyme that is much stronger.

@CroisMoi says:

I am an acupuncturist. I treated both my parents for a speedy recovery. Please try it.

@anushkasingh9105 says:

My friend's younger sister had a brain stroke just few days ago. She's just 12 yrs old. After brain stroke treatment, dr. Declared that she's paralysed now. So, is there any way to get out of it as soon as possible?! How much time it takes to recover from it??

@franciscoballesteros2059 says:

Moringa powder for stroke and comatose patients and please search for it. GOD BLESS.

@garysnow1475 says:

Then how come India has more stroke than the Western world?

@edelarth8320 says:

After had a stroke I had a craving of tumeric. I was a cook for years. I hated it. But now I crave it and use it almost daily. Fresh tumeric. I can speak and have Much smarter now and much healthier. Yes,their is a powerful tool for healing the brains. Thank you for your consideration and your Words. Aloha

@harrystorm4467 says:

Praise God for His mercy and vitality through naturally organic foods and spices ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

@abeastrules says:

I was taking turmeric for a very long time both in powder and pill form and in June I had multiple TIA or mini strokes on June 8th. The first was at 5 am but I thought I was just too tired from the Zzzqui, so I laid back down after making it back to my bed. Then I woke later for work like normal and then around 11:30 am, the second more stronger stoke got me. This one was way worse and scared the crap out of me. It affected my breathing, my coordination, gave me extreme vertigo. I fought my way to my medicine draw to get my pressure medicine and then fought my way back to my desk where my cell phone was. I couldn't actually dial out but my quick dials were available. I luckily had started to call out when it first started but it came fast. I was working and called on the computer because again it was only one button to click, but I had a hard time aiming the mouse. But in the end I was lucky because my friend called the police and ambulance for me because by then i couldn't and I was able to reach my daughter in time before I was taken away. I started recovering by the time help came but was still not totally myself. I not only take turmeric, I take vitamin K2 and other vitamins to help keep my arteries flowing, but I do have HBP and that did contribute to my issue. I used to take cholesterol medicine which I had stopped some years ago due to side effects. Now I am taking cholesterol medicine again, this time Crestor instead of Lipitor and the body aches, cramps and joint aches are back with a vengeance, but at this point I have no choice. The stroke had me feeling like I was underwater in a fish bowl looking out and trying to communicate with the outside world but I couldn't My throat and mouth was doing different from what my brain was saying. Literally my throat wouldn't do the movement to pronounce what I was saying. So frustrating. but after a 5 day hospital stay running every test n the world, all is good except the arteries going to the back of my brain. But thank God I didn't suffer any motion loss. But I'm sure in my brain, part of it died, well that's what the doctors said. I do continue to take my supplements along with the doctors drugs. I feel I did something right coming out of the stroke without losing any functions. I just would have missed my family deeply if hadn't survived it. I hope this help someone. Good luck.

@SrLeena says:

It has to be really good quality turmeric. Not your regular tumeric seasoning. Like 60$ bottle of 30 day tumeric

@justinasjarutis5234 says:

Am now free from herpes disease by Dr Omole who i meant on YouTube,am so thankful Doc for curing me with your herbal Meds…..

@leonmics416 says:

God bless DR ALAHO OLU on YouTube Channel for curing my girlfriend from HSV 1&2. Iโ€™m very grateful to you sir๐Ÿ™. He cures HPV, CANCER, MS, HIV/AIDS, TINNITUS and ALS..

@doreentrazius3368 says:

Happy today to tell you all my story though it cost me some money but I guarantee you he is one man you can contact for help and he will help you with his great powers. So if you have been looking for a cure to whatever illness you are suffering from, contact Dr Ogudugu on YouTube.

@georgehimon1445 says:

False hope to get money for nothing ,๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž not curing but researching ,never cures ,only treatment . Or false hopes.

@Soltice-ty2nf says:

Golden tea
Coconut milk
Ginger root
Pepper corn
Put milk and coconut milk on a casserole on medium heat
Put the tumeric, the ginger roots and the pepper corn inside the milk.
Let it for a few minutes. Then add the cinnamon and honey when is done
To make it more healthy
Add many a honey and instead of regular milk ,use cashew milk or almond milk.

@bethanyephraim2761 says:

I'm so glad I found your video and how Turmeric can help with stroke. A friend of mine told me that Black Strap Molasses is good too but I heard from a doctor that there is erythritol in the Molasses which should be avoided. Please advise. Thank you.

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