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@user-nc4db6ey5d says:

Join the crowd things must change for future generations ❤

@adadove6380 says:

ooooh woooo nobody asked (im feeling called out and i dont care to deal w that rn)

@myrapaulus727 says:

I don't know If I really have cptcd (wasn't diagnosed yet) but most symptoms are there and my family was mostly ok, but I was bullied periodically from age 5 by my peers and my parents couldn't really protect me because they didn't know what to do and became very stressed and nervous every time I felt stressed or sad (because of that eventually I stopped telling them about my problems).
I remember how in middle school I discovered that I could dissociate almost at will just staring into the same spot for tens of minutes and this really helped me to bear the bullying.

@AmandaZ-ft2ow says:

With Profound Gratitude! ! !❤⚜️❤
Blessed Be! ! !❤🙏❤

@JosephJarvis-nh9pi says:

That aint shit buddy. How tf do u have cptsd

@NicolewithouttheH says:

Woah! A lot of this sounds like me? Except I don’t “black out” I make up stories in my head. Like full on characters like I’m writing a novel or movie. Do other people do that?

@lowki9446 says:

Idk if I ever learned how to leave my body but I felt like a zombie on autopilot a lot as a kid. Parentified child.

@frodo7953 says:

Do you have to have childhood trauma only to have this?

@landrybeck says:

I appreciate how you're trying to dumb it down for the general consumer, but if this conversation happened (as depicted) in real life, the other girl would just shrug her shoulders and go "Ok so? Pull yourself together. My dad made me cry a few times too. Have a drink." I'm serious. That's what they say.

@WeggieQueen2005 says:

Jesus, this is me and my parents.

@bertbert727 says:

Neurons are wired differently in the brain it's permanent can't rewire it. Like smokers neurons are wired differently. Your brain fully develop about 26 year. Treatment helps but can't rewire to be like everyone else.

@ashlelane23 says:

It was a everyday thing I was terrified that my mom was gnna die one day all the banging on the wall and arguing

@zainabjilani3701 says:

Who are you and how did you get this recording of me??!!😂. Seriously tho, is a anger-management-issue dad and emotionally unavailable mom common for C-PTSD?

@romymasella2702 says:

Very interesting! Could you please do a short on schizoaffective disorder?

@martaalvarez9041 says:

Thank you summing this up so perfectly. Thank you also for validating that cptsd does not necessarily involve sexual abuse or drugs/alcohol.

@keithoyoung34 says:

What’s the best kind of therapy to cope with this? I’ve been doing Somatic Therapy for two years now to heal and it’s helped but I am still prone to checking out.I haven’t been able to maintain a relationship for more than two years. It really does suck.

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