Understanding the effects of drugs on the brain: A look at the damage and potential for treatment

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A Chicago-area scientist is studying the the effect of drugs on the brain and displaying the damage.

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@DanielEvan-kd8cl says:

Will foreign mushrooms; straighten the wires?

@debbiejournigan270 says:

Theyve had way more than enough time to do testing already …..fixing to increase amount of cocain intake ……….

@jenniferoslowski6181 says:

How do you untangle those wires? Aside from quitting drugs,after that,how do you fix your brain?

@wheresthecom says:

Who was their dealer? (Asking for scientific data

@abhimanyulal3642 says:

What about the heavyshot Injection of Hydrocodon.. Does it damage Nervous system?

@vatorman says:

How about the damage from vaccines? Autism is a big one.

@jonathanbye4787 says:

Do not let it take over.

@tvviewer4500 says:

Onley's lesions bad around my brain.

@simharashi7971 says:

Now do a study about how vax effects the brain

@PrincessPink433 says:

There’s nothing wrong with researching about drug addiction and it’s harmful effect on the body, but STOP abusing animals to do this! Anyway, in light of the Opioid addiction, drug addiction is a serious problem in this country, especially for the homeless. I like the vaping commercials that discourage their use by informing viewers about what negative effects it has on the lungs. I plan on including drug addiction to my campaign when I run for Chicago mayor this year. I’ll probably get attacked by lobbyists and the companies who sell these products, but I’m ready for that. If they fight me, I’ll fight back ten times harder.

@mr.c0stell0 says:

Lmmfao now do the covid shot.

@chakmo_ol says:

U are now getting hypnotized

@tammieknuth6020 says:

My mice aka gerbils. Left for Illinois all dead from a broken heart

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