Unexpected Recovery from Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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This video is from “Unexpected Recovery of Function After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: The Limits of Early Neuroimaging-Based Outcome Prediction,” published in Neurocritical Care in 2013: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23860665

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Miraculously Medically Healed says:

Hi! I am also miraculously healing from a Severe TBI with a GCS of 3. I made a video about my healing journey and hope to publish additional content. But mostly I hope to find Neuroscientists who want to research why the heck I've healed so well, so we can implement the solution to other survivors. So if you have any advice for me there, or how to get into public speaking about it… please let me know! I'm eager to watch this video of yours later! Here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-tkU3xSMAEEZg0SrV38qaQ

Pow Gan says:

I have a friend who was in an accident 10 yrs ago had severe TBI. Very little family support no funds for therapy was young but not young enough to get therapy he needed. He has not recovered as much as he could. Iam still praying for his recovery. He needs to relearn everything BUT GOD IS ABLE TO RESTORE HIM AND THATS WHAT WE ARE PRAYING FOR. LIKE The person above said going to sleep disabled and waking up VERY ABLE! GOD IS ABLE! GODS MERCY IS WHY THE YOUNG MAN ABOVE RECOVERED!!!WE HAVE TO KEEP ON PRAYING FOR RECOVERY!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Does his braΕ„ hurts him?

juggalo7718 says:

This gives me hope for my 20 year old son .πŸ™πŸ»

ChiTownFaithful says:

This brought me to tears. What a warrior.

Nate Haselton says:

I had a stroke 2 years ago at 35 years old and I'm still paralyzed on my left side. I experience incremental improvement but this young man's recovery is amazing. God bless you bro.

Feeniks says:

but is he saying im happy cause atleast he feel somewhat normal..since most people arent happy…i mean if he really showed personality and said this sucks cant think anything..im in prison..then it would be more normal

Mimi Janni V says:

Let us all pray collectively for a cure. My daughter suffered a brain injury from high blood pressure a year ago. I saw a doctor from Florida on YouTube give an injection in the spinal column. The woman had a stroke an she was instantly cured. Stay strong this is a very hard battle.

Jackaroo P says:

Stay happy and positive young fella! May God bless you more and more. You are so inspiring! Xx. I’m brain injury survivor, I want to be happy like you.

lol lol2 says:

This video Gives hope to everyone out there struggling with brain injury. The brain recovers itself with the right healing environment. It's just time that's it

Prince Manabottam says:

This injury had happened with my cousin brother.. And now he is no more😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Plzz pray for himπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Emily McEwen says:

How amazing that he was able to stay positive even after everything that happened and processing it. I had a car accident with a estimated 1 year physical recovery but once I finished that I couldn't figure out what to do in my life which lead to depression among other things. I've had to maintain speech therapy even tho people think I look fine I have a hard time with using common sense. There's a Ted Talk about a woman who was strong academically and fell so she had a mild TBI and she talked about how she was forgetting the most simple things and I totally relate to that. If you're reading this and want to watch more I suggest the video I enjoyed it and what she says is so true and she says it well.

Ronald Rink Jr says:

This was a very inspiring video for me to watch. My son was just in a serious auto accident 5 days ago and is in the Hospitol on a ventilator. He has a broken neck 6 broken ribs a broken scapula bleeding on his brain and kidneys. We were also told he has Difuse Axtonal Injury. We do not know the severity of his brain injuries and won't until he is off of the ventilator. He has made some small steps forward on command he opened his eyes a few times he gave 2 thumbs up and wiggled his toes. He can move both his arms trying to extubate. Also moves both legs. All while they took him off of sedation to try to get him off the ventilator. But he becomes extremely agitated so they had to sedate him again. The past 3 days now so the plan is to keep him on the vent for a few more days to give his injuries a chance to heal some. Thank you for the inspiration of this story.

MugEdge8 says:

OK, I get it, so after brain injury, you must re-exercise everything that you formerly exercised in your infancy state in order to encourage good neural growth and synaptic connections to form strong bonds.

_ Lopez says:

Amazing. Stay strong and keep fighting young blood

Elizabeth Ruiz says:

My brother in law was in a huge car accident on the 4th of July….the doctors are saying he is not expected to recover from his brain injury πŸ™ but watching this video gave me lots of hope!!!!! ❀️

Tami Rae says:

Although I give this dude serious props for his struggle and recovery,I have to say this,to me,is not an unexpected recovery.. I have lived for 23 years with severe brain trauma with paralysis on my left side. An unexpected recovery for me would be like going to sleep one night,disabled and waking up the next morning very able!llol sometimes recovery comes in other ways…this young man obviously had a very good support system,I did not…I went through A LOT of devastating problems as soon as I opened my eyes from coma…my "family" and "friends" literally denied knowing me while others walked out on me in the hospital and I was left alone,severely depressed and facing recovery by myself…this played a huge role in my recovery-it actually prevented me from recovering as much as I possibly could! My brain was busy using my healthy cells to fight depression! (And trying to understand as nd wtf just happened!) So his support system was probably one of the greatest things he had for tecovery…he appeared to be pretty healthy before tbi, I was too…I was training to be as corrections officer and just out of the military so I was very physically fit,this was the thing that literally saved me! But that alone could not provide 100% recovery. The fact of the the matter is that no 2 brain injuries are the same, many factors play a role in recovery,tbi is permanent there will always be something not right (ie. Slurred speech may continue, irritability may continue to be as problem etc.) And sometimes recovery seems impossible and just may not come to everyone…I really commend this young man for staying so positive and working so hard…He's a very lucky guy and very inspirational!!

Dylan Nodean says:

I had a severe tbi my skull was in 12 pieces

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