Unlock Your Balance Confidence: The Truth Behind Muscle Strength vs Power

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Jas Kaur says:

Dear Dr what is your view on a Stem Celll treatment for MS? What is the best way to strengthen muscles getting ready for this treatment?

Darko Darkovic says:

As far as I understood the reserve muscular power should be prepared for quickly respond to prevent accident. That is why we need an increase in muscular mass. We achieve this with a small number of repetitions of a larger load. Have a nice week.

Rhisa Smoke says:

2 leg exercises please


Thank you so much mam❤🙏🏻

1unsung says:

Surely people know the difference between strength and power????????

Lucena L says:

have fallen 20 times, I have no balance, I do my exercises every day but I can't get my balance. I walk with the cane a little

Nikki Epperson says:

Both legs together please too.

Arjun Shahu says:

Thank you so much Dr Tara Tobias for this wonderful physics related concept understanding regarding body movements . This is very helpful for me

LuAnn Davis-Jindela says:

7:10 7:11 7:12 😢

Kathryn Kubiak says:

This looks absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, Ms. Tobias and I hope you have a fantastic week!

SilverWings Studio says:

When I had the stroke, I fell on an outstretched hand. Orthopedic and even Neurologist think it's just tingle from the stroke nerves. But my biceps tendon and wrist/fingers I believe are injured bone tendon nerve. How can I get them to address that? The pain impedes my rehab progress…

DArrell Dennis says:

Good morning great video very informative

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