Unlock Your Full Potential After Stroke Rehab with THIS Tricep Exercise!

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Franceska Mackinnon-Shahbaz says:

Ps I was doing better before Covid hit had my stroke in 2015

Franceska Mackinnon-Shahbaz says:

I’m in desperate need of help with my left arm hand and fingers I’ve got really bad contractures of my hand fingers are curled in and can’t even open them to use my brace unfortunately my husband and caregiver doesn’t understand what occupational therapy is he just says you aren’t going to work lol I’m going back to Botox and estem machine I need to get the fingers open help me please

Robb says:

Regaining nearly full functionality of my arm has definitely been a challenge but as usual, Tara, you exactly right. Weight bearing, extension, and many months on the gym tricep machines have given me about 90% function back. This can all be duplicated at home with the right exercises for which you are such an expert!

My Stroke Rehab says:

Thank you Tara! I can't wait for Sunday's masterclass on the tricep! I really need that for sure.

Purple cow says:

So do I understand the bicep should be worked first and once that is strong then to work the tricep? How does one work the bicep in extension to counteract the muscle contraction from spasticity? Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are saying.

Ernest Reid says:

Hi Tara, thankyou for RETRAINING. I have learned so much. It is easy to forget routines. I need to be reminded.

Pierre Lamothe Jr. says:

Dr. Tobias is always a delight

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