Unlocking Post-Stroke Arm Recovery: Conquer Spasticity

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@arjunshahu2245 says:

Thank you so much Dr Tara Tobias for this superb video for Arm exercises, kindly post something about thumb exercises

@CharlesKing-mr3wc says:

Amazing 😍

@sharlalovato2138 says:

I had a stroke in 2020 can you please teach me how to open my hand and how do I strengthen my arm

@darkodarkovic7827 says:

This is definitely the clearest explanation I've seen. For extensor synergy, the extension of the elbow above the head and the external rotation of the arm should be done, the Pectoralis, Latissimus Dorsi and Subscapularis should be stretched because they are very strong. Thanks Tara, I partially succeeded but I still have a lot of work to do on it. Have a nice week.

@mobilidade4269 says:

Excelente ensinamentos ❤

@user-dz7ho1lv6x says:

Myne is inmy shoulder

@craftyplanner says:

Hi Tara, thank you for all the information.

@leeb5600 says:

Dr. Tara I love your videos. You discussed another videos (about 6 minutes in this video) . Can you post the links to those videos? Thanks.

@kicknowledgesmith8608 says:

My OT made me an elbow/arm splint to help train the brain not to flex the elbow or bend up. I wear it for a few hours a day. I can feel when the elbow tries to flex. I can bend my elbow towards my chin but I can't extend the arm to reach for things. I can close my fist but I can't open. I got BOTOX a few times, it helps to relax the arm, which allows me to lay it on a table, to weight bare. It's like a motor switch in your brain, that won't shut off, that's driving those involuntary movements. It's due to the brain damage. My shoulder has gotten a lot stronger over the past few months. The arm is tricky because it has so many more functions than a leg. Never give up!

@luciannamwale2481 says:

Hope one day my arm will become active 😢it's very weak can't move not even a little bit.8 months post stroke

@resslerartstudios says:

My dowel rod is a shower Curtin rod cutbin half, does it matter how long the rod is?

@resslerartstudios says:

Its the top of my hand the hurts the most, i feel i made the mistake of non use thevfirstbfew months i hope it will get better when i apply certain exersise.

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