VA Disability Compensation for TBI and PTSD

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Get an overview of VA disability compensation for TBI and PTSD. Traumatic brain injuries are a signature wound of the post-9/11 era of Veterans and PTSD is one of the most commonly service-connected mental health conditions. Often, these two conditions are linked. Join to learn how VA rates TBI and PTSD (together vs. separately) for veterans’ disability benefits, extra benefits you may be entitled to, and key considerations such as pyramiding.

Read about VA Disability Ratings for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI):

More on VA Ratings for PTSD:

Pyramiding Explained:

Learn More About CCK Law:

0:00 Introduction
0:40 What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?
1:18 How Does VA Diagnose a TBI? Common Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms
2:15 VA Disability Ratings for TBI
4:09 Presumptive Secondary Service Connection for TBIs
4:41 What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
6:00 How Does VA Rate PTSD? PTSD Rating Scale
6:45 Understanding the Connection Between TBI and PTSD
7:45 Will VA Rate TBI and PTSD Separately? Pyramiding.
10:20 VA Compensation Rates for TBI and PTSD
11:38 VA Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for TBIs: SMC(T)
12:30 Closing Thoughts and Tips for Veterans

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Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD says:

Thanks for tuning in! Check the description for more resources!

Nisrit Osman says:

what about civilians who have tbi and ptsd?

iTzzJH_ says:

What if my TBI and ptsd are completely different matters? I suffered a TBI/ injury blow to the head and have never been the same since. And my PTSD is from a completely different stressor situation? Would this be two separate claim ratings?

Mychael Anders says:

If I'm 100 p&t for major depressive with tbi, does this qualify or help to apply for smc-t?

nicobythebeach1 says:

I am rated 70% Ptsd and was still going through my tbi screenings. I was also diagnosed with tbi after, but they connected the tbi to the ptsd and my percentage didn’t change. Is there anything I can do because they are most definitely two separate things.

Anthony Avery says:

Can u be rated for ptsd and rated seperately for tbi

Johnny Contreras says:

I have a question and maybe you can help…..
VA is working on my mental health claim.
Seems I need proof of service that I was in Macedonia….
I have the United Nations Service Medal on my DD214 and I lost all my military documents and orders.
what else is there?

Combat Douglas says:

Have them both. Do I get paid at the smct rate or the hundred rate?

Israel says:

Waiting on my ratings now

Darrelldog D says:

This is one of the most informative and easy to understand..thank you

Saynt0 says:

Can you make a claim for TDIU twice within a year or does it only go to appeals? In a medication haze, I filled out a form completely wrong and was denied.

productsdirtcheap says:

Great information. Wish this was available years ago. Had to do all my research myself. I am 100% with IU.. The system is very confusing. I served 20 years and thought the military system was a pain. VA has the military system beat. Been tryng to start a business. VA says because I am total and permanent I do not qualify. Said I would lose my 100%. I said I did not care. I want to have a purpose. Been retired since 1996. They approved me prior then took it away. Anyway I tell fellow veterans all the time about your channel Keep up the great videos.

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