Walk with confidence: Master these squat variations

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Luda Lebid says:

Thank you very much, Dr. Tara! Squats can also be done after a stroke. I TRUST ONLY YOU!

jeff Seguin says:

Hi Dr. Im a Hemo Stroke patient almost 2yrs, The numbness and the heavy feelling, when or it will be heal that feellings face to feet right side affected i think im 85 % recover i can walk run drive ❤

Angela Armean says:

Mulțumesc ❤

Okhihan Samuel says:

My bad leg is always going back well walk what can do about it

Santhosh Kumar says:

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thanks dr

cassandra langlois says:

i hope you know how many people you deeply help with this. you go girl!!! carry on( Cass 🙂 retired nurse/ stroke survivor ❤️

cassandra langlois says:

wish i had joined this channel sooner.

Russell Perry says:

a very valuable video for me, thanks for this one

Darko Darkovic says:

During the squat exercises, I gradually moved the unaffected leg forward, transferring the load to the affected leg. I include the variant with spread legs in my daily routine because it strengthens the hip muscles. Have a nice week.

Kathryn Kubiak says:

Thank you so much for sharing this information and your expertise, Ms. Tobias! This one's definitely going into my toolbox, too! 😊

Arjun Shahu says:

Thank you so much Dr Tara Tobias for these superb exercises of Squatting variations. All of these are very essential and necessary for lower limbs recovery after stroke. Thanks again 🙂

Kicknowledge Smith says:

This is great but honestly walking limp is starting to hurt my back and my hips. I feel my strong side is taking a beating from overuse. I will keep fighting but try to rest more.

RoadsterCanada (ロードスターカナダ) says:

Found my favourite squat exercise in this video of having my left feet behind behind my right feet in an inline squat. I'm strong on my right and this exercise really pushed my left leg! Great for balance too with the narrow stance. Thanks!

Tromaine Sutton says:

You are truly amazing may god bless your channel an your life you have really been a blessing to me you have been my physical an occupational therapist am I appreciate you for putting these videos on YouTube trust me when I say your channel will be blessed continue to do gods work an let him use you for others

DArrell Dennis says:

Great video

Dot Higham says:

Are these movements advisable if you have mild bladder/ womb prolapse?

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