Walking after Stroke: What is Spasticity?

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Before you watch this, please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcazVftpaA&t=35s. This is a follow up video.

This video is an intro (ok, maybe more of a teaser (-: ) for my next video which will dive deep into weight-bearing activities to reduce post-stroke spasticity. I hope this will help clear up some confusion and help you understand what is going on when your body seems to have a mind of its own.

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Isabel Hernandez says:

Just looking at this video. Is message therapy a good way to loosen muscle spasticity in a patient that has suffered a heart attack and is non mobile

Paul Quinn says:

All of my left leg has spasticity. It will not let me lift my leg at all.

Gregory Hancock says:

Thank you so much for your understanding our problems & helping us to get better

halski stwrt says:

ya i stood 3 days out of the ICU.after 1 week of standing i was done with it, bring on the 1 legged squats (involved leg) that challenge beat the hell out of standing

Dineen Cottrell says:

So I have a traumatic brain injury for 4 1/2 years. I am suffering with terrible balance & unsteady walking. But I also have some form of foot drop that is for the most part localized in my big toe on my left foot. I call it a lazy toe. It is weaker in my left ankle too. This is causing falls regularly from my big toe getting caught on things with my shoes off. I haven’t gotten much help from the therapists & doctors on this particular issue. I have a very long list of other problems that have been a focus. Is it spasticity?

ron padlo says:

For the plethora of stroke victims out there we all know that you do get it, to borrow your phrase! You are an exceptional young Lady and therapist! Now for those of us that utilize an afo do yo have a video that shows the difference and the advantages and disadvantages of wearing one. Alo,if you haven’t already addressed cloneness could you please do so? Kind Christian regards Ron Padlo

Eagle One says:

Should you stand with shoes or without shoes

Víctor García says:

Gracias por tu ayuda , thanks for you help,

Parichehr Sadoughi says:

I really enjoy watching every video.
I had a atroke in May 2020. I am very depressed and just want to die.

Mark Reynolds says:

Thanks for sharing this video, impacts my ability to live a normal life.

ayesha ajmal says:

Aslam-o-alikum ma m how can i removed my foot drop n stoke in my fingers have stranght but i can't move my hand wrist move even i feel pain n heat cold but my hand in the shape of punch close but not open i try my best even i can difficult walking even i sit in my leg but not stand up please tell me how much exercise i do n what i do because I want to next month proper fit because November last date is most important in my life so please tell me exercise me i covered my hand n leg before November 21 ..2020

Chan Nghiem says:

in what direction, do you see stroke treatment for stroke moving toward?

Angie Davis says:

Do you recommend getting botox shots in your affected arm?

Terrilee hodroj says:


Lisa Butler says:

I’m excited need video I love you

Lisa Butler says:

Thank you so mucb for your video, I will just stand I’m gonna do it just stand hope this works for me!

Lisa Butler says:

Had a stroke in 2018 left my left side weak so I have to wear a afo because I have severe spasticity, and my knee buckled and foot turns in!

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