Ways To Get Quality Sleep When Working Night Shifts

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In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “How can you get quality sleep when working shifts?”

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“Ways To Get Quality Sleep When Working Swing Shifts”

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Big Gucci Soulja Mike says:

So basically there ain’t shit you can do 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

JustDan says:

I work permanent night shifts, I permanently stay in night mode even on my days off, peoples afternoon is my morning. I arrange all appointments for the afternoon and sleep through the day. I've got a black out eye mask to cover my face to sleep.

xDmztry vsvedine says:

Since I started working nights, I’ve been stuck at sleeping only for 4hrs. Almost 5 sometimes.

Nicholas Whitney says:

What was the app you spoke about and what brand blue block glasses please

Sky High says:

this is why there needs to
be four 6 hour shifts.

Unknown User says:

I mean I’ve been working nights for 8 months and I sleep 8-10 hours a day and feel great

StaticBlaster says:

Night shifts are stupid. Humans are diurnal animals not nocturnal.

SpicyMcG says:

Blue-light blocking glasses have been surprisingly more helpful than I expected!

Shweeky says:

Start Thursday hahaha

Dan says:

Working a 12 hour night shift in the ICU as I watch this. I pass out right after i hit the bed. My problem is sleeping at night when I’m off.

Mr Crowley says:

I work 6pm-4am . Double blackout curtains. Hot shower after work.

Lakisha Jordan says:

My entire house is dark my husband hates it. I'm only able to sleep 4hrs then up a few hours and sleep maybe 3 hours afterwards.

Margarito Montoya says:

Been working nights for 5+ years now, & it's always difficult. Everyone I work with has problems. Just try a lot of things, figure out what works for you, and be disciplined about consistency.

david jarrett says:

3 months in still tryna figure it out 😂

D3adJ3ff says:

I love night shifts waiting for hijackers 💪🏼

horror_fam08 says:

I've been working nights for 6 years now and I finally got my body used to it, it sucks but what would be a good amount of hours to sleep. Mind you I work 10pm to 7am I have a wife and 3 kids so I get home my oldest is out at collage my 2nd stays with my mom my youngest I get her up take her to school I'm back at 8am my wife is either at work or at home. We work out at noon if possible

Hamsterdam says:

Just got a job with a 5 am 10 hour shift bruh… It ain't easy going from never working 10 hours to doing it every day lol

Owl Child says:

Nights shifts are bullshit. I had an offer which sounded fucking great, getting paid more for working nights. Nope, they can knowingly and willingly shove that offer up their ass.

Roxanne Rodriguez says:

I do live in the desert! 🤦‍♀️ These are great tips guys!
Sleep Brain FM?
I've never heard that shift work is considered a carcinogens? Is that what you guys said?? It causes heart disease?? This is scary stuff!!
I'm so freaking glad I clicked on this video.

Sean Hayes says:

6pm to 6am. 99% eye mask ac and earplugs. 1% dedicate yourself to the night shift. breakfast when you wake up a beer after work. close your eyes when drinking the beer.

No name says:

My life is fucked up before of night shift

Mike Weir says:

I've worked for a 7 day newspaper operation for over 30yrs…There is nothing to rectify the situation after that many years…When you're up during the day you always, ALWAYS feel like a vampire on a day pass…No 2 ways about it…Seriously, I've tried all these things and after it boils down to a huge sleep disorder and I still must sleep during the day and am always awake naturally at night, no matter what…

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