Webinar – Sexual Health After Brain Injury

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Changes in sexual health are common after brain injury despite the topic being seldomly discussed. An increase in awareness and education by healthcare professionals of this sensitive area can help individuals with brain injury improve sexual health and dysfunction, intimacy, relationships and overall quality of life.

After this 60-minute webinar you will be able to:
– Discover changes in sexual functioning, intimacy and relationships faced by individuals with brain injury
– Explain the role of rehabilitation team members in supporting the sexual health and basic rights of their clients
– Describe assessment and treatment strategies to promote sexual health after a brain injury

References can be accessed here: https://go.bancroft.org/rs/616-IUU-033/images/01.26.22%20Bancroft%20NeuroRehab%20Heads%20Up%20Webinar.pptx.pdf

Presentation developed January 2022.

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