Webinar – The Effects of Aging with Traumatic Brain Injury

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In the normal aging process, individuals experience changes in cognitive and physical functioning, and many develop other health conditions. These impairments and new onset of conditions can be exacerbated in individuals with traumatic brain injury. While this can result in loss of previous gains and impact one’s quality of life, interventions are available for healthy aging in individuals with traumatic brain injury.

After this 60-minute webinar you will be able to:
– Gain knowledge regarding the relationship between TBI and increased incidence of dementia and other diseases associated with aging
– Identify some neurodegenerative changes that occur with aging and with TBI
– Identify medical and physical changes common with normal aging and TBI that interact and can impact health, functional mobility, and quality of life
– Identify interventions to positively impact aging with TBI

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Katrina Dodson says:

Thank you Diane. This was a great presentation

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