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UCLA neuropsychologist Talin Babikian, PhD, ABPP covers some of the more common learning, cognitive and behavioral challenges that children and adolescents face, including how these difficulties may manifest following a brain injury or insult, including a concussion.

Learn more at https://uclahealth.org/BrainSPORT

Learn more about Dr. Babikian at https://uclahealth.org/TalinBabikian

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Peter no says:

I've literally had a neurologist walk out in the middle of a check up. Fuck doctors.

Kameryn Woods says:

I just asked my 21 year old daughters ear nose and throat doctor if a concussion she had gotten when she was seven could have caused her hearing loss and ear infections and problems now? The doctor said no and she’s not sure when I asked if my daughters ear infections and hearing loss could be hereditary.

David Dee Allen says:

Beach boys and Doctor's hide behind head injury to cover up there involvement in 9/11/01.

PAM says:

I lost my sense of smell after head injury 😫😩😕

James Kent says:

i was in a car with my friends when a drunk drive hit us head on i was 15yo it put me in a coma for a very long time broke my left arm in half gave me a head injury i had to relearn how to walk talk everything all over again but now i am 50yo and i was wanting to know with a head injury if you laugh real hard n it blacks you out could that be from my head injury from 35 years ago?

WHATSKraKin says:

I got a concussion in May 2019, I was in 8th grade and it is now May 2021 and I’m in 10th grade now. It’s been 2 years and I’ve started to notice in the past month that I forget things often.

I would be thinking of something or about to do something and forget it the next moment, and it’s not the normal kind, this happens to everyone every now and then but this happens to me almost every other day. I’ve also noticed that I just forget some older things in general, and I’ve noticed this because I used to remember a lot of things but some things I’ve forgotten. For example, I can’t remember some of my middle school teachers names which is unusual because it was only a few years ago.

I’m starting to get a bit worried and if this continues then I may have to take it a step further

D SINKZ says:

In was in a car was in a car crash accident, and suffered a fractured eye socket and cheek bone,,many years ago,,and didn't have no after care,,I realise now I was suffering from anxiety over thinking and emotional issues aswell as memory issues,,it took me a long time to really realise what was happening to me after research

Playdrone says:

I had a concussion a year later I moved up a to a stronger class in English. However I started to make more math errors but I've always been a slow reader and writer from my dyslexia. I found substance abuse helped my depression that existed 5 years after the concussion. I am now considered a patient with psychosis from 22-26 years old. Most beneficial thing I've found, is the use of bacopa and ginko biloba, two herbal supplements that improve brain function. Currently I'm worried about the early onset of Alzheimer's, but recent CT scan came back fine. Any tips on improving my situation would be greatly appreciated. Please don't use illicit substances to cure depression, get professional help instead.

Empathically Concerned says:

I am glad that this vid isn’t that old because I want to testify that as a person who was beaten profusely on and all around my head and brain MORE THAN ONCE in addition to a serious automobile accident where I was struck perpendicularly by someone in which it cause my Husbands small truck to skid at least 150 feet then roll 2-3 times leaving me unconscious with a huge knot on my head PLUS a 3.5 BRAIN TUMOR years later (20% of this type of Brian tumor is caused by head trauma) I received my 2nd degree 2 years ago AND made the DEAN’S list and the PRESIDENT’s list and am a Senior completing a THIRD DEGREE!!! The body is amazing and is a system and CAN and DOES HEAL naturally especially if u take care of it! Eat brain foods, exercise, stay active both mentally and physically etc. (Not to negate those with TBI as I’ve taken people to the best Neurosurgeons and hospitals With that and do know a little about that as well) God also heals…🥰🙏🏻👍🏻🌈For anyone feeling hopeless or discouraged: try worki in your Parasympathtic System and do some Bone Tapping…one Hour turns on 72 genes for healing nc and decreases Cortisol levels by 24% (Dr. Rashid Buttar’s (One of the top 50 Doctors in the USA) recent Summit .

Edelyn Albon says:

Wow wow wow wow wow t

hector garcia says:

All I know is I have pain in the back of my head and I think I was born with it or it happe. To me when I was a child all I rember I was climbing on a fence the fences had to be at lest 6 feet hight my leg got stuck fell down broke my leg and blank out woke up in the hospital this happen when I was 3 year old I don't have insurance pls some help anything

Rahul Shukla says:

I'm from india I'm 29 yr old I'm Handicape now because of Tbi balancing problem and voice harshness with diplopia
is any treatment present
we are poor bt will try

chayna biya says:

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lewis says:

i fell and hit my head which caused a concussion, seizure, cracked skull and a bleed on the brain. it was 2 months ago and the only major thing after the accident was that i have no sense of smell. i think i got off pretty lucky

Post Concussion Support with Kiwi Kerry says:

I really enjoyed Talin's explanation of these concussion challenges. Both my daughter and I have had serious concussions in the last 3 years, and we had great support from neuropsychologists (like Talin), neurologists, rehab physiotherapists, and behavioral optometrists. Having the concussion recognized and then having support from medical professionals is really important.

Vijay Sonawane says:

Hello I have had a blow to my head on right side of my head 10 years ago , I was unconscious for 10 minutes and I had headache the whole day and for 30 days after getting up in the morning , I have not consulted doctor and not taken any treatment
Now from last 3 years I am having symptoms of TBI
Mental confusion, blurry vision in one eye , sensitivity to light and sound, I feel as if my right ear drum is broken, balance problem while driving please let me know whether the symptoms are serious and I need to get an MRI scan done.

Jaquelene Buque says:

netflix " Fractured" brought me here

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