What Betrayal Trauma Does to the Brain | The Impacts of Partner Betrayal Trauma

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To get connected with a Partner Betrayal Trauma Therapist, call Heart to Heart Counseling Center at 719-278-3708.

You can balance your brain after betrayal trauma! Learn more about brain balancing by calling 719-644-5778.

Did you know that partner betrayal trauma can have a devastating impact? Research shows that approximately 70% of individuals who experience infidelity or similar forms of betrayal report symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The betrayal triggers a cascade of emotions, affecting the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, two key areas responsible for emotional regulation and decision-making, resulting in difficulties with trust, intimacy, and self-esteem.

Join Dr. Doug Weiss as he explores the impact of partner betrayal trauma on the brain, offering insights backed by scientific studies and real-life case examples. Gain a deeper understanding of how the brain responds to partner betrayal and discover strategies for healing and recovery.

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@shannonbest106 says:

Solution…. Leave.

@lhu6971 says:

I already have betrayal issues. I try to stay out of peoples way. So i'm going to a church for a few years and get betrayed anyway's, again😣😥😢

@versaholubec6342 says:

Just scared of,
not wanting to fall for a what if. Not to have neglected needs. As a woman a female I don't want to push myself on someone not at all that could cause more harm to me or whoever else unbeknownst to me.

@ifeanyiiweze7571 says:

I'v been going through this for the past 10 years

@McGyuricsko says:

I completely shut down. I go right to bed after work, in the guest room, and do everything I can to stop thinking about it. I’m empty and worn out. I don’t have energy to leave, or get out of that guest room. I was using sleep as a way to cope but now I have nightmares. There’s no escape from this feeling. This is my life now, and I hate it so much. I don’t live, I exist and can’t wait until it’s all over. I’m not worth anything.

@user-jy9yg2yj6u says:

Good thing got people like you to help them not need passed talk about education when your so calm

@eliutroman3881 says:

Betrayal is Subjective also. Its not easy for everyone to understand the betrayal someone might've caused another person. We need to stay open minded and empathize.

@atsukai1887 says:

it happened today. i wanna continue the relationship but the thoughts of them cheating only come in my mind. everyte the thought come I start to shiver. Everytime i try to eat i just wanna throw up. i really wanna continiue on the relationship but i can’t live with those thoughts. the most relatable video i’ve seen.

@JulietCrowson says:

Male prostitutes

@noratheiss5381 says:

The betrayal occurred 1988 and now 2023 is this betrayal still with me….

@mariettatoth599 says:

Hello, is there someone who can help me, because I went through a lot of betrayal and other trauma in my life and it's so hard to trust anyone?

@rachel14rod says:

Narcissistic parents do this to their child.

@rebecca9937 says:

so i am not crazy or neurotic or an agent of the devil that is being used to ensure that there is no peace in the home. So i am not the unforgiving hypocrite of a christian who has decided to hold on to the past instead of being grateful for all the blessings God has given me in my life.

@dianawoods1503 says:

This happened to me. Although I knew it along the way, no one else loved me enough to see it for what it was and I was supported by no one. I’ve had to except the cruel treatments and the labels of everything that is the complete opposite of these things you’ve described. You are 100 on all that you spoke on. It’s sad more than likely the only ones that listen to podcast like this is those of us that already know it.

@valerie3955 says:

If only if I'd had someone to talk to in 1994. The betrayal over the years, by someone who felt more powerful by causing me intense pain, destroyed me in every way as I eliminated all that I was in a desperate attempt to save my family.

Not sure I will ever recover from it.

@kellykirk4244 says:

Most of the time I feel totally set free and healed. I’m remarried and I love my life. But when I still have to coparent with my abuser, I realize I am not fully healed. He will give me false information about my children and I am sent into a very strong panic mode. PTSD symptoms return.And the flashbacks from all the lies return. I panic for my children. It’s so sad. But I’m just going to keep doing the things that helped me heal. I am thankful I now have a husband who is educated and compassionate. He seems to understand how to calm me when Im triggered by the PTSD again out of nowhere. My coparent has zero understanding and I think may enjoy triggering me based off of his continued lack of effort to give me any respect at all. How do you know if your PTSD symptoms are from unhealed trauma or if they are valid responses from a coparent who mistreats you? I think mine might be a mix of both.

@jonahpinx says:

Thank you, this has been the only thing my brain has been able to process now in about a week.

@marotiem says:

In which peer reviewed scientific journals did you post your methods and results about your neuromodulation technique? Also, which university"s science lab are you affiliated with? How many papers replicated your methods and results?

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