What Causes Chronic Headaches After a Concussion?

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On today’s episode, Dr. Nick talks about the causes of chronic post-traumatic headaches. Chronic headaches are the most common complaint following traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. They can be located in multiple areas like the neck, back of head (occipital region), top of head, forehead, temples, or behind the eyes. There are also different types like tension-type, migraine, cluster, and cervicogenic (produced from the neck). Each of these produce a different quality from dull pressure to tightening or pounding. Then, the causes could be due to damaged neck and head structures or brain regions. In order to determine the exact cause, a proper history, exam, and diagnostic tests are necessary. Then, proper neurological rehabilitation can be used to successfully treat the problem. Check out the video for more in depth information on the different causes of chronic headaches following a concussion!

Defrin R. Chronic post-traumatic headache: clinical findings and possible mechanisms. J Man Manip Ther. 2014;22(1):36-44.


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Archington says:

4 months in and the pain hasn’t gone away once, it’s ruining my life

Kevin Somers says:

Hi Dr. Nick, I had a question about your clinic and how you handle out-of-state clients. I was recently fitted with prism glasses to hopefully help a VMS that was identified from a possible TBI I had several years ago. I suffer from daily, almost 24/7 headaches that are both migraine and cervical in nature. I am considering your clinic but was wondering how you handle the need for repeated treatments with someone who lives so far away. Is it possible to stay for say two weeks and come every day? How do you normally handle this in your clinic? Also, does NWI accept insurance for your services? Thanks so Much Kevin I live in Arkansas…

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