What Could Happen After A Brain Injury?

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Last week, a man was walking down the street when a knife fell and landed in his head! How does brain injury impact you? Trace is joined by Reina Scully from SourceFed to discuss everything you need to know about brain trauma.

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Knife falls from sky into Chinese man’s head
“Last Thursday morning, 57-year-old Xiao Yunzhi was taking a stroll in his home town of Guangyuan, Sichuan province, when his head started feeling strangely heavy.”

This Man Survived a Knife Through His Brain
“A man in the Sichuan province of China recently survived being hit by a knife that fell from an eighth-floor balcony and pierced his skull, according to news reports.”

Knife falls from high-rise straight into man’s head
“A man in China had a brush with death last week when a 5-inch knife fell from a high-rise apartment building and plunged straight into his head.”

It’s Not Just Trauma To The Head: Minor Accidents Can Lead To Brain Damage Too, Affecting Memory And Thinking
“If you’re clumsy or uncoordinated, you might want to make sure that next time you’re wearing a helmet when riding a bike, or paying attention instead of texting while walking down the street.”

Phineaus Gage, Neuroscience’s Most Famous Patient
“On Sept. 13, 1848, at around 4:30 p.m., the time of day when the mind might start wandering, a railroad foreman named Phineas Gage filled a drill hole with gunpowder and turned his head to check on his men. It was the last normal moment of his life.”

What’s the Difference Between the Right Brain and Left Brain?
“You may have heard people describe themselves as strictly ‘right-brained’ or ‘left-brained,’ with the left-brainers bragging about their math skills and the right-brainers touting their creativity.”

Brain Injury Overview: What is it? and What Does it Affect?
“The brain is the control center for the body. It manages many things such as breathing, moving and vision. The brain also controls thinking, emotions and behavior. An injury to the brain can affect almost any function of the body and can sometimes affect personality.”

Brain Injuries: Solving the Puzzle of Uncertain Recoveries
“As soon as word got out that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) had survived a bullet wound to the brain, one question seemed to reverberate throughout the nation: Would she be OK?”

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Left Brain vs. Right Brain
TestTube Wild Card
Mapping the Brain


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It Smells Like Shit Don’t it? says:

Very disrespectful.

ReddishBlobs says:

I think You will Puke Milks EveryWhere

And Become A Dumbest Male Or Female

Tenesialove says:

If you had a loud bursting in the right side of your brain. What would you say caused it. And what could have happened?

TerraGaming says:

Once I had 1HP and no kevlor

Edit: and survived

Kevin Yusuf says:

0:000:06 – you're f——– p—-s! 😡🤬

Zaid Soub says:

It seems really funny to these broadcasters because they don't know what's like getting one, it's really like hell!

Commentindica 420 says:

Lol i frature my skull but i didnt no for the past 20 weeks after the fal the doctors were shock that i didnt slip into a coma

I says:

This shit is not for loughs

Ian Harris says:

I have a question ever heard of the YouTuber Roman Atwood May 30 this year his mother was riding a scooter and she fell off and hit her head and she instantly stopped breathing and her heart stopped eight hours later she sadly died she hit her head on the floor but what caused her to stop breathing and her heart to stop immediately that she die from brain damage or something I honestly want to know

domeen says:

Don’t waste ur time watching this just watch a phineas gage case study

Alejandra says:

Why are they making fun of him???

diesel spooky action at a distance says:

question?? ok, recently( 2 month ago)a blow to my head, on the right side,,on top of the ear, 1 cm forward in the area that controls the voluntary movements. my arm and leg on the left side hurt me, but my arm( left) is kind of in big pain if I try to lift something heavier than 1 1/2 kg. Clear brain injury! Besides that, the pulsating light it bothers me. If a piece of my skull bone is in, that could be reabsorbed or…?? tks!!!

Mr.T says:

they had chinese girl make fun of chinese man lol

Edwin says:

Yall look cute together.

Spunkey Doodle says:

After i concussed myself I aquired a speech impediment and my personality was changed. I also was unable to do my work as I could not pay attention to what I was doing leading to many mistakes where I thought I had done one thing but i had done another.

Maria Pitre says:

What happens when your Son, Can Not Talk much or moves very Slowly after a Head Injury. Which Doctors satates all Results are Fine. N He could go Back to Work.

Naz Mohammed says:

He fall an hit his head hard an it swell high what could happen later on he has 4years

GR says:

Alright CUT to the chase…

Makeba of Saba says:

"The nice folks of the 1850s" in America? If one skipped over (because of a brain injury?) the genocide of the Native American and the enslavement of kidnapped Africans… you know, little things like that, which were happening from 1492 – 1865…

Spike 1984 says:

If he had seizures after that injury it's probably why he had emotional and behavioral issues.

Chris Gomez says:

can hitting your head repeatedly affect memory?

I was Batman says:

Idk if it were stress induced over a very prolongued period ? But I feel like I know for sure something happened to me that caused a very bad, painful, very diffucult neurological decline it really makes me angry, sad cause I cannot pinpoint what it is but it left me in a bad state, I know how much pain and just feeling horrible I have held back or held inside and simply pushed on I am not as strong as I used to be thanks to this. I just know something happened to me that if it happened to a lot of other people, even very tough it would leave them fucked up in a lot of ways, I continue to feel and deal through pain, symptoms I just try to mask how it hurts or affects me now. I need to work out and eat good again and once IF I EVER AGAIN FEEL MOTIVATED to do so I hope it helps me get better. I suffered a tremendous deal. A lot of people would be brought on their fucking knees and maybe never get up again. Take care of health its very important. There were days I literally could not get out of bed, or I had what were immense symptoms so bad I could think straight, Vision affected, Coordination affected, To say I am not fucked up in some way neurologically inside is false. I wish I could get some answers cause if it were caused by some medical malpractice or by something else like my environment at work I would sue the living shit out of what caused it. I have no idea but I guess I can just try and feel better. I feel certain things are in decline in me, I was feeling great this past summer but the amount of exercise (cardio, Pushups, Situps, Leg Lifts, bike riding, etc I did a whole lot of) to feel and make myself feel better. Its like whatever happened left me affected very badly. I will grab a bike this summer and try and get back into my rythm cause I need to, I smoke cigs a lot which is terrible must find some reason to now quit I dont know what or even a who ? Or what will make me quit but I have to somehow and so I can focus on health in whole.

galaxythecat 964 says:

wow that guy with the knife sticking out of his head is so EDGY XD

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