What Does Damage to the Frontal Lobes Look Like 30 Years Post-Brain Injury?

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Researchers studying Vietnam veterans with TBI are now looking more closely at how TBI can alter a person’s social beliefs — from religious and political to legal and moral.

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GLASS says:

if somebody bumps into me in line i always believed that warrents the death penalty

John Lindsey says:

The whole left front was destroyed by shrapnel in Veitnam in June 1971.

It has been a half century of hard struggle dealing with aphasia, seizures, being manipulated, used, failing again, and again.

Here I am, now 70 years old with one wife, 4 compassionate children, and compassionate grandchildren.

Don't try to push yourself the first few years, avoid religion and politics, and critical people.

servant2u says:

I was abused throughout my infancy, childhood and teen years. As a boy I was hit in the head many times. A neurologists suggested that being hit so many times probably caused some damage. He gave me a "map test"of the brain and the results confirmed that the frontal lobes were under-active and should be the cause of a poor memory, my inability to make sense of songs, paragraphs, tests, etc. Also fighting depression, low level of stress tolerance and many such things. The one thing I am grateful for is I can control my emotions mechanically. Probably because of my severe abuse and controlling what I said, did, and thought. This is an awful thing to live with. Hiding memory problems, apologizing for forgetting something personal, and many other things I do such as acting like I am listening when in reality, I have become lost and have no idea as to what is being communicated. I am 67 now, and have no idea as to what it feels like to be normal. The one thing that causes depression is when people tell me to pay attention, or write things down or get angry because I forgot something that they take personally. It is really an awful thing to live with.

Scot_playzz says:

it's amazing just how long the human body can survive without the frontal lobe

AKHIL says:

at age 25 ,
my whole frontal Lobe got damaged ,
both Left and right frontal Lobes got damaged ,

Will it decrease my i.Q Level ?

Billy Gnosis says:

Severe TBI and marijuana saved my life….reconnecting neuro pathways and giving me energy and perspective. Sativa is my life line to engage in the world.

John Hancock says:

Feel like I belong here somewhat. 22 and it's a little difficult for me to feel much of anything about other people, and I have some kind of anxiety disorder to go along with it. Maybe a harsh punch to the forehead from a step dad when I was around 10 mightve done something but I cant know for sure.

Steve L. says:

Unfortunately I've had some serious concussions. One was falling on my forehead from 8ft in my early 20s I've always had a hard time telling a story and remembering sequences. Now in my late 40s it's just extremely hard. I have difficulty in speaking at length.

TBI Journey says:

Was in an awful wreck in 2015. I don't remember hitting my head but I guess I did. This was the third blow to my head in my life. I now have a TBI and struggle with most everything 😢

Connor Shackleford says:

Im currently living with a family member who has serious frontal lobe damage. Its not great 😔

Live 922 says:

Doc Mitchell when you put 1 in charisma

keep smiling says:

Please speak louder!

Trashulius says:

Frontal lobe damage at 2 years old, I got a nice scar in the middle of my head too. My brother pushed me into a wall and that split the skin and cleared my childhood memories. Ofcourse I have no social filter as my family would say. No foresight.

just a normal gaming channel says:


Hayley Austin says:

Due to a serious accident in 2018, my frontal lobe was destroyed and replaced with a metal plate.

Chellooooo says:

Frontal lobe from head trauma when I was 11…Here I am 24yo an I ruin every relationship I have in my life , don’t show emotions even tho the inside of me wants to , constantly feel numb to the world 24/7 … Just a cold hearted person

Teresa Ayala says:

My boyfriend had a motorcycle accident 2 yrs ago.. and the nightmare has continued since then .. the aggression happened , but went as time pass. What left was he’s not as active as he was , which isn’t a problem as the improper behavior is a huge , and as much as we’ve tried ,there seems no hope ..as time goes by for him to ever have control of that again.,him being 59 ..age is not on his side and let’s be for real once damage is done ..it’s not reversible , there’s no magic pill .. nothing !! This has changed us all . I think I’ve learned.,that the FRONTAL LOBE is a one shot deal, you compromise it in any way .. you and your family are screwed.

Mohsen4ever says:

Who's here because of FNAF?

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