What is a Power Hour? – Routine after a traumatic brain injury

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BladingOnTheBrain Episode 3 is answering the question: What does a Power Hour have to do with Recovery from a Brain Injury?

Check the video to learn about my view of what a power hour is, where it started for me and some vintage footage from 2009-2010. Learn how I plan to use this regimen to help me get back on the blades and back in shape.

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This is filmed entirely with my iPhone7 using the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer.

Thank you to Chris Bjerre for the intro animation.
you can check his work at http://chrisb.tv/

Thank you to Uranus for the use of the track money train
You can find more of his work here https://soundcloud.com/uranusbeats/money-train

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Benjamin David says:

im experiencing the same thing with being efficient when its "Skatetime". i got a 7 year old and a 7 month old. So when i have Skatetime, i appreciate it so much and do the best out of it every single time. I also have a routine skating, but not on purpose.

David Rose says:

super super hyped to see and hear more from you man. i am healing a sprain atm. i just started back and like 3rd session in got hurt haha. i will be posting my stuff here too.

bret easthouse says:

Super rad. Would love to participate!

Brandon Drummond says:

Love Victors "The Game". It a way to get really consistent at skating. I generally lose focus about 10 tricks in Tho.
Love the Video man. Good luck with the power hour! Be cool to see that too.

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