What is Drop Foot? Foot Drop Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment.

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Dr. Scott Thompson OTD discusses drop foot causes, symptoms, and treatments. Foot drop, also known as dropped foot or drop foot, is the inability to raise the front part of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the foot.

0:00 Introduction
0:10 What is Foot Drop/Drop Foot?
0:40 Causes of Foot Drop/Drop Foot
2:07 Treating with surgery
2:34 Treating with electrical stimulation
3:33 Treating with braces or ankle foot orthoses (AFOs)
4:14 Treating with rehabilitation experts
4:45 Conclusion

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GhosttheHusky says:

Since everyone’s telling their story, I got foot drop from crossing my legs a few weeks ago now with no improvement. I can still walk fine (although I have fallen twice now cause of muscle weakness :/) and I can still lift my toes besides my big toe. Honestly, I’m not too worried about whether or not it goes away as long as it doesn’t get worse since it doesn’t really affect my life in a major way, but it definitely can be fairly annoying at times. Hope y’all recover!

Crystal Mair says:

I have neurofibromatosis wondering if what have is foot drop , my left leg kinda does that it will give out, and it will in voluntary lift up on its on when walking, and sometimes feels like my leg is having spasms

Fred Durst says:

I just woke put of a medical coma die to covid was under for about 46 days woke up with left foot drop and can't feel much in calf area have little pain in calf and my foot is half numb and tingles alot…every seen this?

Colleen Pellant says:

I was diagnosed with drop foot in June 2020. I'm still completely numb down my right leg, foot and toes. I'm having severe bowel problems and noticed numbness in the saddle area as well. My Orthopedic Surgeon is performing a Coccygectomy but I believe I need decompression surgery as well.

Melvin says:

I think I had this about a week ago I don’t have it anymore I couldn’t lift my right foot up it lasted for a few hours

John Trelore says:

Iv had foot drop for 26 year's now I got it after back surgery I slap my foot down when I walk I get serious pain in my foot from the damaged nerve just wondering if I could do anything to get rid of it

Daniel Price says:

I had my nerve cut off or damaged in surgery of a herniated disc and now have foot drop do to the surgery so physical therapy and everything has come up with nothing and it still won’t budge I can’t even gut my toes to point up or move at all it’s like I m disabled with my foot now and I can’t get any help at all and I don’t think people get how hard it is living with this condition as serious as it is with me and it sucks !

Zero Ling says:

I suffer from Bilateral Footdrop, brought upon by NF1

Amol_B_Devkatte says:

I Have This Problem Since Childhood……..
It's Becoming Worse With Aging…..

Dr Vivek Ambedkar - Cuttis Plastic Surgery Center says:

I am doing same tendon transfer surgery

Tim Holloway says:

Both my feet are numb from. The top down into my toes, and I can't raise my toes or my foot upwards and it flops when I walk. I'm going to see a neurologist in two weeks, I have other symptoms now such as vertigo, chronic pain, and terrible fatigue and lethargy. I hope it's not MS, but it surely sounds like it.

Rahini venkat says:

Hi, I have got foot drop on my left foot. I'm a healthy individual with no history of surgery or any other medical condition. I had my covishield vaccination on June 12 2021 and got my pain in the knee next day . After a week time I got foot drop. What would be the reason for my foot drop ? I do foot drop exercise 4 hours a day. When will I recover . Any one pls comment if u know the reason for my foot drop condition.

Baljeet Thandi says:

Dr. Scott, My brother had a foot drop, it happened in Oct, 2017. The MRI was done and doctor said it is because of nerve compression. We live in Canada, we went to many doctors that are specilist for foot treatment. ONE of doctors said nothing is going to happen even the surgery is not going to help. we went to another doctor and he said there are 33% chance of improvement if surgery will be placed. The surgery was done in Oct 2018. There were no improvement whatsoever. It has been almost four years my brother is having this foot drop. Is there any hope if it can be fixed? we are very streesed and worried and my brother is only 40 yrs old.

Nacer SRT8 says:

Very helpful ,thanks

Nandini Namdev says:

I have a foot drop in my left foot, it has been 11 months and I am taking the physiotherapy sessions since my accident but it has not cured yet I also had fracture iñ my spinal cord L-3 was crushed L-1 and L-2 were cracked I had problems related to excretion too. Can you tell me whether my foot drop will heal or not because it has been 11 months

Hari Badal says:

Is foot drop genetic? By birth i have foot drop now my son has same problem.

Luke aw says:

I got stroke at age 34 I am unable to move my left ankle at all I alway feel like I am dragging my leg but I do try lift up my left leg

Marjorie Tuck says:

Very Informative, Thank You!😁

JVRP says:

I have a foot drop due to a hip surgery it’s really stressing me out. What’s a good sign that it will recover? Is being able to move my toes a good sign that I’ll recover?

muttakieen ajr says:

A.o.a info is good but lacking pics so not proprly benefitted.

Hasini Sarma says:

One of my leg is weak
And another one is normal

Rashmi Vishwanath says:

Can i use saebostim go fr footdrop

19 016 Ambikaa Chauhan says:

He looks soo similar to Hritik Roshan (Indian actor) 🤷🏻‍♂️😅🙈

JJ M says:

Can you get the Dorsiflexion back if you fractured the ankle some time ago? Or is it too late to rehab an issue like this?

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