What is Neuroplasticity: Guidelines for Stroke Recovery

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Neuroplasticity is the foundation of learning after a stroke or any type of injury to the brain or spinal cord. In part 1 of this series, I discussed what experience-dependent neuroplasticity is and why this is an important concept to understand.

In this video I will discuss the key principles that are critical maximize your rehabilitation potential and prevent further degradation of the neurologic system.

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@lazysleeper7174 says:

Will i write again????

@patienceaminataserry-kamal3301 says:

I am a stroke survivor and your information is perfectly correct. I am using both hands though not a 100% but am so much grateful to God

@dianaslater9394 says:

I learn that I foot drop after my stroke Oct 2023 I gio vitality medical center they give 5 shot around to wake up my nerves I'm only 55 now as says I'm going back to physical therapy but I'm watching ur show

@user-lp5in2qm7q says:

It has been 12 years is it to late for me

@tiffanyrichardson6416 says:

So with us survivors, Is it a matter of restrengthrning the affected side, or just waking up that side, or both?? I’m a little confused

@user-xi6ky9yt4x says:

I suffered from mini stroke I want to gain my energy back what can I do

@georgiosgeorgiades2193 says:

Do you see kids in Orlando

@carmelrajkumar4822 says:

What exercise can be done for muscle weakness in the hand after brain hemorrhage operation

@lisasilva2556 says:

I had 3 strokes over 20 years ago. I was doing well but since covid Not much mobility. Is it to late to relearn?

@anlyq2 says:

Wow i was doing tbis withoout realizing in trying to rehab my hand. I….breaki g it down into components and working on individual components… my goal is to open axwater bottle sort term…even aan empty water bottle. Long term goal is full use of hand again. Im fortunate thst i only loss strengthvin hand…other than strength i have 70 percent use of my hand since stroke event. worked on opposition and thengrasping and d opposition… but my issue now is strength which im working on.strength is definitely the hardest..i kep trying though

@jenpechan3467 says:

Trying to limit PT to one or two things when your entire right side is difficult.
Doing everything a little does not work.
I’m trying ….

@Church_Dad says:

Even family will not understand some will think there is a pill you take and you're cured , you have to understand that you are living with a disability now and need to live with it. God Bless

@pamweigelt6734 says:

Does this also relate to right leg and arm complete flaccid.

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