What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

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Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder and medical director Dr. Robert Cantu explains what Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) is, as well as the four different categories of PCS symptoms.

Learn more about Post-Concussion Syndrome and its symptoms here: https://concussionfoundation.org/PCS-resources

Can we help you as you battle your symptoms? Submit a Help Request: https://concussionfoundation.org/about/contact-us

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Richard Swink says:

If you can’t find answers check out Caring Medical videos on YouTube

Upper cervical instability
Clicked like a light bulb

Keith Greenhaw says:

I I’m glad I stumbled on to this because in 2005 I got into a really bad car accident I’ll see about 120 stitches in my face all together and fractured pelvis. Is it possible that I can suffer from post concussive symptoms 15 years later and he answers would be appreciated thank you

Hondux says:

I play football and I got hit in the head and I didn’t lose consciousness but it’s been going on for 3 and a half weeks now and I still feel dizzy, blurred vision headaches if I work out. Is the concussion still there? Or just the symptoms. Am I able to play through them?

Ximena Vera Molina says:

when u realize u have all the symptoms yikes

Aegis says:

I wanted to share something that’s helped me tremendously with recovering. I looked up diets to eat while recovering from post-concussion syndrome. I started following the suggestions and I started recovering rapidly.

I started adding a lot of nuts to my diet, especially pecan, and I literally started noticing improvements in the first day. I could sleep more easily. Mentally, I started feeling more like myself and in less of a daze. I even started noticing memory triggers, like the flashbacks you get when whiffing a nostalgic scent; something I realized I was experiencing far less than normal for me after my concussion. Just don’t overdue it on the nuts though; many contain hydrocyanic acid, which can cause oxygen deficiency in high volumes.

I could think more clearly but still had a lot of pressure in my head. So I started focusing my diet on anti-inflammation foods, like berries, green tea, turmeric, and broccoli, and again I noticed a huge decrease in the pressure and headaches I’d have within just a few days. Zinc and magnesium where suggested so I bought vitamins focused on those at this time also.

It’s been about two and a half months since my concussion but I’m finally starting to have nights where I actually feel normal; like I forget I have PCS for a bit until I stand up and start walking around. This was so encouraging to me.

I just wanted to share this so that my experiences my be of some help to you. Look up concussion recovery diets and try doing what you can to get on them. There’s more options in food than I listed so there should be flexibility.

Hang in there, and God bless.

I need to mention this. A few weeks after making this comment, my concussion continued to improve, however I started having massive digestion issues and referred pain from my gallbladder and/or liver running up and stiffening my neck. It took a lot of research but it seems frequent eating (like 6 times a day) was spiking my insulting constantly. I was eating multiple packs of nuts and whey protein drinks everyday. I found out this habit was very bad for my liver/gallbladder. I came down with GERD and other issues.

Nuts are high in omega 6s, which are inflammatory, and whey protein is hard for the body to digest. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Eat more healthy balanced meals and be very sparing on nuts. Avoid whey protein in general if possible. Avoid snacking to keep insulin low.

I’ve been trying to get my digestion back on track since. Small amount of apple cider vinegar has helped, but I once overdid it and burned my intestinal lining for a few days. Make sure you use it sparingly if you have his issue.

Ang P says:

I have struggled with this even as a young child hmmmm makes me wonder what has actually happened to me!!! and I want this to go away so bad!!! I really hope there is help out there I just want to feel Normal at times I do and then some I don’t it is a struggle to live this way, I have also been through a lot of domestic violence as well made my symptoms worse than what they are…

CTC. Stocks & Crypto Trading says:

I’m 10 months into my post concussion… now awaiting scans to see if I’ve done Permanent damage 🙄

Truman Thomas says:

If I'm around really loud noise for more than 30-45 minutes it makes my head hurt really bad and makes me vomit too

Truman Thomas says:

I have some kind of behavior disorder after my fall.I spit in someones face once .sometimes it's as if im not the only one in my body.I tell myself I'm not going to but the other personality does it anyway if that makes sense.I had bought lottery tickets and my mouth blurted out I won even though I didn't etc… Just strange things have been happening and some things that got me in a lot of trouble. Pretty much I ended up an unwilling participant. Started having fainting spells and episodes where I just fall over with loss of motor function ,loss of pain sensors and impaired vision.Ive had such violent dizzy spells that I was on my hands and knees trying to keep from falling on my face. But I've sustained a lot of blows to my head and even spent twelve days deaf after an explosion almost took my head off.also hit in the temple with a drill and baseball bat.I fell and bounced my brain back and forth inside my skull hit my forehead 4 times. Yet my family just expects me to be ok like nothing ever happened. I'm not ok and haven't been for years but everyone keeps trying to force me. Have any idea what this disorder might be??

Truman Thomas says:

Is it true someone can have post concussion syndrome for years ?

T Cagle says:

Hey guys, there is a great book by Dr. Kabran Chapek, Concussion Rescue. It came out in February 2020. It's been 3 years since my PCS dx, some days are better than others. But this book helped me to find my LOCAL Neuro-Chiropractor. I just started having therapy again after being dumped by my insurance and Doctors. I hope this helps a little.

Chris Heiby says:

Just got diagnosed with PCS today.
I will say, I am glad to have a name to my symptoms now. Starting treatments on Monday. 🙏

SC Equestrian says:

I have all of them 😀

Asherah Sonyeondan says:

When you have everything that’s said but don’t have post concussion

Tim Krause says:

I've had multiple concussions. The symptoms seem to run right alongside chronic migraine. My Neurologist has been trying migraine treatments, and nothing has worked. I'm thinking I might have PCS instead. I'll bring it up with neuro. Hopefully something will work.

Reignman says:

Damn I got 4 baskets and they are all full. Work safe british columbia told me on the phone today that concussions dont get worse over time. Lol.

Jørgen Skuseth says:

Had post concussion syndrome for over a year now, I can now tolerate screen and reeding… but I still really struggle with activities such as running and lifting weights, where my pulse gets high. Is this normal that physical activities is one of the last things I will manage to do? (According to my doctor I have a normal prognose)

Paul Curran says:

Which post concussion symptoms occur the most? Which domain?

Paul Curran says:

God I wish I wasn't so damn nervous

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