What Is The Best Neck Treatment for Concussion & PCS? (ACD – Ep. 93)

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What’s the best form of therapy for your neck following concussion? In episode 93 of Ask Concussion Doc, Dr. Cameron Marshall discusses the following:
1) How the neck is involved in every impact related concussion.
2) How concussions are a short term and functional injury
3) How the symptoms of concussion and whiplash are identical
4) How to treat your neck to eliminate symptoms

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@daisycocoa2557 says:

The animal studies with pendulum were criminally evil and completely useless. So low level “research “

@nicolejackson5270 says:

Based on the information you’ve provided here and some other sources, I’m afraid I’ve been chasing my tail for 20+ years after a side-impact car accident at at time in my life when I didn’t believe whiplash was a real thing. I’ve been visiting a chiropractor for all this time and more recently the relief I’m getting from an adjustment has gotten shorter and shorter. I’m in chronic mid- levels of pain (5ish/10). Is there a site I could search for a more appropriate care option? recommend

@yerbasanta6549 says:

Brilliant. Thank you.

@iamsimplyj says:

I do prolozone injections and massages

@iamsimplyj says:

Such good info

@jbjobe says:

Hi love your videos and have listened to many of them over several months- giving me hope and information that has been sustaining for me – I was wondering if your program is covered by most insurance companies . I’m in Canada but I probably will not be able to travel anytime soon. Would love to have you as a “cheerleader “. At the very least do you recommend anyone in NB Thank you

@theresageiger584 says:

Liar chiropractors cause a lot of harm

@theresageiger584 says:

Omg chiropractor messed me up

@genevievefg7234 says:

Thank you so much for all what you do for us… I've learn more with you in 40 min thant within the last 6 months with all the specialists around me since the beginning. 🙏🏼

@juliebailey5751 says:

Would you touch on "Marty Feldman" syndrome…I made that phrase up because my husband, 5 months after a dump truck wrecked our lives, believed his eyes were acting independently of each other. The panic and fear was indescribable.

@stellashepherd3229 says:

I find this a little confusing. After a concussion I was prescribed eye exercises that slowly but surely worked. Never did anything for my neck. Would this doctor consider this a coincidence?

Maybe I just got lucky.

@simplehaskell4949 says:

This is honestly such a beautiful channel. Such extremely important work in both the research and communication here.

@simplehaskell4949 says:

This is really interesting, why does the brain stretch?

@mehdibelk467 says:

did anyone try his program concussion fix ?

@traceyknelson1119 says:

Where are the ANSWERS To are questions

@firashammad5775 says:

Is your service covered by insurance?

@brock3030 says:

Is it easier to reconcuss after multiple concussions?

@jennycooper3007 says:

Is there a cream i can get for my nick Thanks

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