What is the best position to sleep in?

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@Larry21924 says:

Magnificently crafted; much like a book that's magnificent in its scope and detail. "Better Sleep Better Life" by Various Authors

@doctoR-ux8tc says:

Best position is by side looking to the right , your palm under your head

@NeymarJunior718 says:

Bro i have not slept after this video please help

@YanoseBasement says:

That’s why position in the morning is different to my position in the night

@YaboywalksYT says:

New fear unlocked not moving when I sleep and getting blood clots

@Summer_Fxiry_Violet says:

When I try to lay in my back I stare at the ceiling and my mind goes blank. I don’t get sleepy though. I start counting the dots on the ceiling.

@hisotti says:

Sleep paralysis comes more often while laying flat like that, especially if one is stressed out before bed

@riack97 says:

Shit looks like a Pillow Cube commercial 🤣

@YaNeK92 says:

Sleeping on the left side is our most natural and healthiest sleeping position to protect vital organs and also be quick to act in case of any danger.

@CHAOS-insurgency says:

i always get sleep paralysis whenever i sleep on my back or my sides, thats why i always sleep on my stomach with head tilted 45-90 degrees, imp its the best position to sleep in if you don’t want any sleep paralysis 😅

@TrillHill7714 says:

Not if you tryna prevent back pain

@ferryperry7840 says:

Flamingos be like:

@fabiennevdk7045 says:

Position doesn’t matter indeed, location does. I’ve heard the deepest and longest sleep is accomplished at graveyards. ⚰️

@ponchoslappatv5358 says:

For some reason sometimes I find myself sleeping in a plank position like for a push up my hands hurt in the morning 😅

@ArtSTARincc says:

Sleeping on back will give you nightmares, stomach down goodsleep

@MY3KL1 says:

Meanwhile i have to sleep sideways pray sleeping:

@zpillaz says:

Why did they have to make it so sad im literally crying💀

@shellder_gaming says:

For me and my dad, sleeping on our backs make us have nightmares

@SiennaLonghookEditz says:

Me who sleeps with my head on the side of the couch my neck bent so my legs are on the reclined part in a ball 😭✋

@yoihenbath says:

Are you sure it doesn't matter…. then my posture is fucked

@szymonbaranowski8184 says:

sleeping on left is not good for heart, you get clots when you eat shit and let inject shit to your veins

@j09capra42 says:

Never lay down your face on a flat surface, it may cause facial asymmetry

@RydertheCat says:

Wish my Eds body would actually listen to this lmao. God I’m so sick of waking up feeling like I’ve been hit by a semi. I’ve tried so many mattress toppers and beds. Notta.

@mattmin45 says:

Me sleeping on my stomach with my neck at 90 degrees ☠️⚰️🪦

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