What We Know and Don't Know About Blast-Related TBI

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We know that blast waves alone can damage the human brain. But more research is needed to learn how exactly a blast wave alone damages the brain’s cells, blood vessels, and structure as a whole.

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brian brelsford says:

i realise this study was ten years ago when i served in the royal artillery in canada batus . before a fire mission was called i was having a shave 6 inches below a M109 self propelled gun when we got ordered a fire mission they fired a shell off without checking if there was anyone in front of the gun . unfortunatly i was and they did not check i am deaf also have permament tremors in my torso shoulders arms and hands terrible headaches i left the army in may 92 trying to get diagnosed is extremly hard in the uk . i believe this incident caused my injury i can hardly use a cup and drink due to the tremors.

NorthernWill says:

Where are we with this research, 9 years later. I really need to know.

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