When to see a doctor after head trauma – Bob Saget’s brain bleed

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Other considerations for traumatic head bleed (intracranial hemorrhage) are blood thinner use, large “knot” on the head (scalp hematoma), seizures (verrry concerning), vision changes, and one sided weakness/numbness.

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@Chicken0nFire says:

I have headich but its not strong and i bumped in hard wall and it Hurt for 2min i layed down for 1h for brain bleed Just to be sure

@lethabrooks9112 says:

So sad that Bob Saget died! My cousin had epilepsy and had a bad seizure and fell, banged his head hard and died of a hematoma in the brain.

@nikkiewhite476 says:

Oh no! I… I didn't know 😭

@ashleyfiol4718 says:

No he was beat with a baseball bat they already said he couldn't have hit his head on the head board I don't know who but some evil person killed Bob

@jellyfeesh9083 says:

If I get knocked down how tf am I gonna get checked out

@void9448 says:

Sorry what-

@lazypandaland says:

I think my teacher said one of her friends had to go to the hospital after some years after she had slipped and hit her head. My memory is failing me though.

@oscardaone says:

So did me getting sucker punched to hitting the floor count?

@lizaleykina1414 says:

I had no idea he passed away from head trauma…thank you for explaining this!

@heidi5462 says:

Perfect video to explain this, thank you🤙🤙

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