Why Do I Get Headaches Behind My Ears After Concussion?

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Many headaches are related to neck dysfunction. Knowing where a headache is can guide which area to treat, which often involves manual therapy to the offending muscles and joints.

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@YashSharma-qo1sy says:

My head got inside the swimming pool water twice due to disbalance and at that moment my head was paining like hell damn badd. Then it got a bit bearable after 2-3 minutes.
But the pain was there in the back of skull just behind ears, i guess sinus is there as well. Then it got a bit relaxed but still my left side at the back of the skull juat behind the ears where skull bone ends, still pains😒
I saw that there is sinus there as well so i think the water is trapped thereor something🥺
Please help me with a technique to remove the pain or water is trapped then how to remove the water? Hope you will reply! Thanks in advance!😊

@StudyJEEwithHammad says:

What happened if feel that mastoid is increasing like Knot?

@mdnazimalam2482 says:

Plz tell me solution am also suffering from it

@priusgame1178 says:

I was diagnosed with bell's palsy that came with pain behind right ear. Hearing in the right ear is sensitive and the area also is tough sometimes

@one4truth236 says:

I just went to the doctor today about that and was given antibiotics. Hmmm….

@millerbride says:

So what is the treatment for it? You described the pain, but not a solution(s).
My daughter is suffering from this post concussion. Its so difficult to see her not be herself and suffering

@aryanraj7025 says:

Wht the solution or treatment tell that

@aryanraj7025 says:

Wht the solution or treatment tell that

@phoenixmoon3 says:

Thank you. Trying to describe this.

@nabinabag1775 says:

Sir pls give some relief way

@Anik-sq6fh says:

But what disease it is…im facing same problem

@mahi7904 says:

I am suffering from half headpain in the left side and there a sweeling happen below my ear on the neck ….
It is very painfull and when i use phone aur Bluetooth it cause more pain….
And even if i cry or take any type of stresss …my headache starts in half head left side….
Can you please help me and telll me what is happening with me and what can i do for it…

@Humantariaan says:

Thanks a lot Doctor for being there. Your first words were just what I wanted to listen or say. Its the exact pain I did not read or hear yet but from you It was a hundred percent right. Is it possible to have an appointment from you. I will really be grateful.
Thanks a lot once again.

@princening679 says:

I have sir this pain

@prabhatjain3220 says:

Please make a solution video

@assiradarling8981 says:

Omg this is the only video that matches my symptoms! Does it also cause a burning pain? Like it feels hot on one side?

@_.m4hi_ says:

Someone Slapped me so hard. I heard ringing for 25 seconds and my left eye was blurry. After sometime it went away..

@nomiddlenamenmn427 says:

Sound is gone at 1:25.

@krgang368 says:

I have frequent headaches and earaches even after wearing glasses. Should I go to the doctor ???

@rockygiunta3552 says:

My glasses were to tight

@C.Kaushik says:

I am wearing braces is it due to that ?

@nishibajaj8578 says:

I heard why I often get pain my left ear. I did not fully understand it. But I want to know how to heal it or prevent it in future. Where to put pressure points and massage it.

@LilCandies says:

Hi. I have something in my Head. I have a migraine only at my left side of head plus I have a burning sensation in my left ear and left neck . It's been 1 weeks now. Please help

@princening679 says:

Iam suffering same problem sir

@mister_monk says:

Sir actually I ve been suffering from same problem for last 3 months continuously without any a single day relaxation…the pain starts from right side lower head area (as you mentioned in the video) and covered right side ear area some times pain goes right side mid head plus right side eyes+ right side lower neck…and often in a month it goes to left side… kindly suggest me what to do how to cure my self and to whom (specialist) should I meet for treatment…it's causing me problem in studying and I have to study 10 to 12 hours in a day

@bhupendrasingharora6183 says:

Same symptoms you told how to treat sir please help me 🥺

@guap3189 says:

Yes I have this pain now it feels weird my ear is ringing and behind my ear is pain

@asperj5469 says:

I was in a car accident almost 2 years ago … all the pain you described I have.. over the last couple of months when push on the scm muscle up behind my ear it sounds crunchy and lumpy and moves could this be the reason for my pain.. who do you recommend I see about this to have it looked at?

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