Why Does a Brain Injury Cause Behavioral Changes?

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Dr. Heechin Chae explains how the brain in response to the neurochemical changes from an injury can go into a protective stated, a defensive state to protect itself from further injury.

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Gamer Andrew says:

I agree it does affect behaviors. I have seen it.

Delmar Sutton says:

My wife suffered a TBI. I notice changes such as attention to detail that she would not normally comment on. She noticed that the fountain in the center of the pond next to our house being turned off, or the clothes someone is wearing or the fact that someone seems to be sad about something. It appears that she doesn't have the same "filter" on expressing her thoughts that she had before.

Shannon Rodda says:

Yes…it's awful.

D& D says:

The neurochemical changes are secondary, primary are the structural neurophysiological changes to neurons and axons. It's literally structural damage to an organ of the body.

bea mills says:

my personality changed…..memory, a "stutter" starting words, inappropriate comments, diminished processing skills, hyper emotional, problem solving gone, can remember my grandpa's best friend's name….1950s, but not folks i know….or simple daily routine…….my family said "it's been 6 months why aren't you better/well?…stop faking, "stop blaming encephalitis"…you should be well !!……..music was horrible for me, it "touched" portions of my brain/sensors that "hurt"…. it happened in 2003 & i'm functioning better now [ 6/2…..but, my family has not been in my life to any extent….i'm 71 yrs. now…..i live alone in the country….i have rescued 6 dogs….they are my saving grace….unconditional love, non-judgemental, don't laugh at my "hesitancy/stutter"..not-critical……just ever present, love me when i'm feeling sorrow for my loss….used to teach adults…..LUCKEY TO BE ALIVE !

Ashley Silver says:

Why dont you use the word OCD or ADHD or anxiety?

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