"You Look Fine!" – The Real-Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury – TBI Awareness

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The real-life experience of a brain injured person explained in simple terms. They may “Look Fine”, but don’t feel, act, or think “fine”. Join our online brain injury support community: http://hopeafterheadinjury.com | More: http://cristabellebraden.com

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Journey to 100 Channel says:

I hate when I Stress Someone out because I can’t understand what they Explained to me. I feel Stupid and feel bad for Pretending to Understand what they say.. it sucks

KAF Kent says:

😁 Having only just watched your video, you were absolutely right on, my TBI was from a car crash in April 09, learning to walk and talk again, still having problems now, but on Topamax for some head aches.
Good job lady and thanks 😁

Scott Marple says:


The Invisible Advocate says:

This is such a validating video! Check out this one about the invisibility of disability! https://youtu.be/XFEdAQcwOxk

Bonnie Brown CranioWarriorMom says:

Thank you! Often we have to remind, educate, re-educate and prove my son’s injury especially to his school. Your words ring so true and it is comforting yet so maddening that we have to keep explaining. The best people around a brain injury child are those who do not make assumptions, show humility and sincere empathy. We find that kids are way better than adults at demonstrating the aforementioned (and especially those adults who chose special education as their career). We move (battle) forward for equity and re-discovery of life’s gifts. Regards.

Tranee Herod says:

Thank you very much for this. My daughter has TBI from a work injury. She looks completely normal but struggles with everything you said n more and me as her mother find myself guilty of what you said and I never even thought about how discounting it is to say that to her all the time I only thought it would make her feel better n I'm so upset at myself for not saying to her I also know how much u struggle. It's crazy cause I see it all the time. Just little things how she no longer buys shoes with laces cause tying them is almost impossible. I could go on forever so I'ma stop and just say thank you again so much for opening my eyes.

Grace Kelly says:

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who feels this. I constantly joke with friends that I'm the best person to tell a secret to, by the time you finish telling me, I'll forget the secret. I used to love going to Nascar races, concerts, etc. The one time I tried, I ended up hospitalized because I got brain overload & I literally just shut down. Now I go for very peaceful places, not too many people around, just me & my dog.

D4J2K says:

i would love to talk to you and have you sit down with my wife and help her understand

Cynthia Dawn says:

Cristabelle can you make a new video ? i just discovered ur music…. i am 3 years post TBI ….. hi

Mariposa Violeta says:

Thanks for bringing awareness to our daily battles. For this very reason, I go shopping first thing in the morning when it's dead in the store and I work on my list and screenshot my list to my phone to be able to have a visual in case if I'm struggling I can show the employee what I'm looking for. I avoid going out when it's crowded or in the afternoon or evening since by then I'm completely drained of all energy. I do have other disabilities that are somewhat visible in the way that you can see I have to use a walker which is partially due to brain injuries with major vertigo and ruined knees that need to be replaced. The other thing that people can't see is the heart condition that has developed as well that causes me to pass out so the walker comes in real handy to be able to sit when I feel it becoming too much. This heart issue from what we understand is due to an autoimmune condition that can happen sometimes after brain injury since the whole brain can change and mess with other parts of the body. As you said they may see me on a "good" day which is more like a good moment while I'm out getting groceries but when I get home I have to go lay down for hours and sometimes days of rest after and the rest before going as well.

Bauzen says:

"You look fine" or "you look great" used to bother me so much after my TBI. I heard it from everyone, and each time, it triggered me like an insult, I'm grateful my physical injures healed well, that's all they see and understand, and no amount of explaining it changes the perception that "you look fine"

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