Your Brain Wants You To Have Sex. Here's How That Works. | Better | NBC News

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Sex feels good to your brain. Ever wonder why?
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Your Brain Wants You To Have Sex. Here’s How That Works. | Better | NBC News

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@Gold79Gamer says:

bruh asexual people exist

@user-eo9qd8zx4w says:

God bless you Dr emuakhe for putting all your work and efforts in helping me get rid of my erectile dysfunction,thank you so much doctor my appreciation is abundant God bless you.

@user-ez9ex8hx6v says:

Ok understood I won’t cause it’s annoying and painful I’m a man I find it annoying

@burrowed3864 says:

As an asexual person I’m laughing my head off. “All living things are driven to reproduce beyond our conscious control.” Just sent me over the edge.

@razvantataru262 says:

Me with Hypersexuality Disorder 🥲

@JohnHondo11997 says:

Ted Cruz was triggered by this video

@nickydaviesnsdpharms3084 says:

Interesting video: I was thinking, although it releases a lot of Dopamine, it's got nothing on intravenous injections of cocaine tho

@user-ez9ex8hx6v says:

Video watched.

@emu1028 says:

I hate the anhedonia I have . It makes me want to drink alcohol to try and regain my pleasure . I cant stand the anhedonia and discomfort it’s destroyed my quality of life . I hate this it’s so unfair

@kodaph says:

I was looking for something to refrain from it, not reinforce it 😁

@finaldestination813 says:

Very good explanatory video please make more of it

@sandycheeks1580 says:

🎉My heart has no thing to do with it. 😅🥳🥳🥳🥳

@RaffaelloLorenzusSayde says:

I feel the urge three times a day after unleashing the inner power 😥 currently 27 y.o. single and need to mingle, give her my pringles.

@jeromep3182 says:

Wow didn’t expect to see this on NBC. Good special

@presidentytshorts says:

Thanks for sharing this with us! Going to take some notes later today haha. 😅😅

@presidentytshorts says:

Awesome video!

@ninjapirate123 says:

It's not that, it's because I keep having s3xual thoughts, which makes s3m3n come out of my p3n1s

@zcorpalpha2462 says:

Not in 2023 🤣

@TP-vu3tc says:

When my brain fog started, things changed

@therickestpicklerick says:

A natural drug.

@megatronsturdy says:

But I'm underage

@christylee9552 says:

Well I guess I have brain damage because I’ve never wanted it AT ALL

@tubeysr says:

I saw a woman yesterday at the airport, she was probably accompanied by her husband, maybe.
She kept looking at me , i kept looking at her, for hours, at different spots, in the plane also.
I can't stop thinking about her now, my emotions are going haywire…. it was such a strong connect, from both sides…. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

@jamespalmer6280 says:

Why dose it want it too much

@luissantos1801 says:

Is it bad to jerk SEVERAL times a day? Everyday?

@anguskong5132 says:

Wheb your lady doesnt want you, dont try your best on every aspects. Either shes not onto you anymore or shes not into you anymore..that you dont come onto me like you used to. Why would i sexually come onto my lady ,when our daughter is right there….

@gao1812 says:

Asexual people: Well, guess we just don't exist 🤡

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